Scamming the Scammers #5: Tyrian gets serious!


To help us protect your account security, please resend your request from the email address associated with your KDP account.

If someone else published your book for you, you can ask them to contact us from the email address they used to publish your book.

Thanks for using Amazon KDP.


Kindle Direct Publishing

Perhaps I went too far with this email, then again, we are conversing with scam artists.

To Shiv, Ganesh M, Azar A, Athens R, Chunky and Waseem

I have already re-sent it from THIS ACCOUNT, due to the fact that
THIS ACCOUNT is associated with the KDP account.
I have made things as clear as I possibly can, please re-read this email and my other
emails to you. I would like my royalties, plus interest and compensation, please.
Tyrian Williamson


Scamming the Scammers #4: The KDP Crew is growing!

Ok so I’m currently conversing with a wizard called Azar, or maybe it’s Azlan’s cousin from ”The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe”, it’s hard to tell.

I cannot decide whether or not I’m making myself abundantly clear in my emails, I mean, I’ve stated that I have the same email address for my KDP account, so when am I gonna get my royalties from Singapore.

**Same email address as before**

Hello  Tyrian,

I understand that you are concerned about the accrued royalties in your account.

To help us protect your account security and to check the royalties pending in your account, please resend your request from the email address associated with your KDP account.

Unless you write to us from the email address associated with the KDP account, we cannot check the royalties in your account. If you forgot the email address associated with your KDP account write back to us with the ASIN of your book. So that we will be able to find your account and email to the correct account.

If someone else published your book for you, you can ask them to contact us from the email address they used to publish your book.

Thanks for using Amazon KDP.


Azar A
Kindle Direct Publishing

My response:

To Azar A,

Ok firstly, I’m struggling to keep track of everyone I’m in correspondence with.
I’d like to hear back from Athens R, Chunky and Waseem.
Secondly, I can confirm for the 3rd/4th time now that this email address I am
conversing with you on right now, is definitely the email address associated with
the account. How else would you have contacted me otherwise?,  I would not
have connected a random email address with my account.
Please send me the royalties that I am owed, this is really unacceptable customer service.
I have never received such awful customer service in all my time. I am a co-creator after all!
I produce content for you which is highly popular in the Singapore market!
Send me what is owed to me.
Tyrian Williamson

I received this response this morning (30/03/2017)


I’m very sorry for any frustration this issue has caused.

I would love to help you and resolve the issue but for that we have to gather the required additional information to provide an accurate and expedient resolution.

Please reply to this message with your phone number and a convenient time (next 2 days) that you want us to call you, so we’ll be able to call you discuss this issue further and help you.

Thanks for your patience and co-operation while we fix the issue for you.

Did I solve your problem?

If yes, please click here:

If no, please click here:


Ganesh. M
Kindle Direct Publishing

To which I replied:

**Since the person I speak to changes with every email, I shall address this email to all of you**

To Ganesh M, Azar A, Athens R, Chunky and Waseem.
This is ridiculous, but fine, here is my contact number: 0300 123 2040.
You can contact me today at anytime, I will be awaiting your call.
No, you have not solved my issue, therefore I will not be filling out any surveys at this time.
Only when you have successfully sent me my royalty payments, then I will fill out one
of your surveys,
Tyrian Williamson

Google the number 😉

Scamming The Scammers!

So today I discovered a British man named ‘James Veitch’ who writes hilarious email responses to spammers on his account. I stumbled across it, liked his videos and decided to subscribe to a Youtube channel that he was featured on. If you’re not familiar with him, I highly recommend checking out his playlist ‘Scamalot’ on ‘Mashable’s Youtube page (You can find it here:

In a strange turn of events, I received my first ever spam email through my Gmail account today. This has never happened before, and my spam filter is usually excellent at filtering out all these emails, so I am essentially unaware of the spam emails I receive.

The email was from a lady named ‘ Flora D. Darpino’ and it read as follows:

Hello Dear.
I feel great to hear from you again, my name is Flora D. Darpino, am 43 years old but single, i am a USA Military / NATO, from United State Of America, but i am presently in Yemen for fighting with terrorist and peace keeping in the world. Sincerely, i want to establish a true relationship that may lead into good things in life or something else with you, is my pleasure meeting you. I hope all is well with you and how are you enjoying your day,

Well, i am a USA Military Officer currently in Yemen now, fighting with terrorist and peace keeping, i will like to get acquainted with you. I am loving, honest and caring person with a good sense of humor. I enjoy reading, working, traveling, meeting new people and knowing their way of life. I enjoy watching the sea waves and the beauty of the mountains, and everything that nature has to offer. Please, 
tell me about you, your likes and dislike, i am still single at the age of 43 years, it is very nice to know and be your friend, wishing you all the best, thank you as i still wait to read from you.

Flora D. Darpino

I thought it was a little weird to be receiving this and I did a quick google search on the name and found this website among several others: detailing various instances of this scam, so I thought I would take James Veitch’s advice and respond to the scammer.

Here’s my first response:

”Hello dearest,

It is great to hear from you too, I was beginning to think you would never reply!. My name is Christian. I am 18 years old, and also single!. I’m a student from the United Kingdom. All is absolutely magnifico with me!. My day has been positively spiffing 🙂
Well, where can I start!. I love cute animals, muscle cars, charity events, helping the elderly and chess.
I dislike very few things, but if I had to pick a few it would be: immigration, health tourism, and potholes.
Cannot wait to hear your response,
Yours faithfully,
Mr Reeve”

Let the games begin!
– Christian Reeve

Weird Dreams

Unbeknown to me, I’ve been having weird dreams as of late.

I’ve been trying to think of interesting things to blog about that are (A) Interesting in some way and (B) actually worth reading about. It’s very easy to fall into a repetitive pattern of producing something for the purpose of entertainment, because you think other people will enjoy it, rather than simply doing it for yourself. Therefore, I thought I’d blog today about something we all share: dreams.

People seem to always attempt to find meanings in their dreams, and there are thousands of books and websites that discuss this topic, but I think that sometimes dreams are just there to give you some crazy, reimagined reality – where there are no rules, only the ones you set. Maybe it’s to counterbalance the feelings of restrictiveness we feel in our day-to-day lives.

With that in mind, I woke up from a dream this morning whereby I was at a party of some description. It was a very warm and cozy atmosphere, the kind of setting you would expect around the Christmas season. I was talking to party guests, whilst occasionally looking at various stands and platters of food that had been prepared and laid out around the room.

It was an impressive display, and I was admiring it for awhile until the catering staff at the party called me (by name) over to a door that presumably led to the kitchens and staff areas. Immediately I thought it was weird to be called over by name, I wondered how they knew my name. I also thought it strange that the party had catering staff. I had assumed that the food was prepared by chefs elsewhere and that they had not been there in person. I proceeded to follow the two men who had called me over to them.

I followed them through a wide, white corridor through to a staff staging area, I remember seeing people running around and preparing things, but my attention was predominately focused upon a gigantic wooden sled that was in the middle of the room. I was very confused at what was going on, and even more surprised when they told me to climb on top of it and ride it into the party room. They told me to ride it straight into the room and rest it under the main table in the room, without crashing or hurting anyone.

As tends to be the nature of my dreams (I’m not sure if this is the case for anyone else) the dream then cut to me being helped onto the sled (similar to how movies sometimes cut to a new scene, e.g. Star Wars). I started to ride it at a great speed, and could not understand how on earth I was able to control it, given that it was a huge sled, at least ten times the size of me! I burst through the doors of the main room and parked the sled right under the table. I had achieved it by some miracle, and it looked very cool!

I remember feeling elated in the dream, as though the moment was very cool to both experience and watch, but I also remember feeling a sense of accomplishment, as though proud that I had achieved what the staff had told me to do.

So there you go, that was my dream this morning. Let me know what you think!

Kind regards

– Christian Reeve


My new book! & and an update

Hi all!,

It’s been awhile so I decided to let you know what I’m doing now and where my focus will be from now on. I thoroughly enjoyed working for Give Me Sport as a Contributing Writer, together with, producing my own wrestling blog here ‘Grappler’s Choice’ however I found that I started to not enjoy doing any of it anymore as it took up a lot of time (bearing in mind you need to stay updated with everything going on in the wrestling world, which is a 24/7 industry!) and I found that I was not enjoying actually watching wrestling anymore, it became a chore and that’s when I knew I should probably call it a day.

It’s not a big deal and I know I didn’t have some huge following to disappoint, but all the same, if there were any fans of the blog or my Give Me Sport page, then I’m sorry. I’m keeping it all open, so I may take it on again in the future, but for now, I’m going to stop.

Aside from all that, this time has allowed me to focus on my personal life, my studies and working, but more importantly for me, it’s allowed me to continue with my poetry work, something I’m very passionate about.

So after a long time deliberating over the quality and general likeability of it, my third poetry ebook is now available online! I am very happy to get the ball rolling again on my poetry, and I have more to come in this area!

You can purchase my new ebook ‘Realisations’ here:

As for this blog, I’m not sure where to take it, there are many things I’m interested in writing about, but I’m not sure what I want to focus on. I will probably open this up more and make it open to all kinds of topics (not just wrestling aha!), and maybe that will make for an interesting read.

But in any case, if there is anyone that reads this blog and likes my work, let me know what you’d like to read about here.

Thanks again

All the best

– Christian Reeve

Grappler’s Choice #18: Chris Jericho ‘Heel Master’

Chris Jericho’s recent heel turn has been absolutely fantastic. Jericho has always suited the heel character much more, it comes very naturally to him and this time around has been no exception.

Jericho 2016

It’s amazing how repeating certain phrases such as recent one ‘I am the best in the world at what I do, do you understand what I’m saying to you right now’ is an excellent example of the arrogance he’s able to achieve with this character.

I think one of Jericho’s key strengths in the delivery of quotes such as those aforementioned one, is how he delivers them to other superstars. He seems to be playing on his veteran status, using it as a way of being condescending toward other superstars on the roster. It’s especially brilliant when he adds little insults like ”Idiot!!, You Stupid Idiot!!’ or another variation on that, I guess what makes it makes it work in particular is how Jericho says it, delivery is everything!

Twitter King

One thing in particular that compelled me to write about this was how Jericho has been responding to fans on Twitter, it’s absolutely brilliant! He is very consistent with his character on social media. Here’s an example:


Why it works

It’s all playful and he doesn’t go overboard with it, but it works and it isn’t forced at all. This is what a successful heel character does. I have only seen a few superstars in WWE right now who have mastered it, but more often than not, they are veterans.

Kevin Owens is another good example, however, he’s a veteran on the independent circuit, and has had years of experience working as a heel. I guess what I’m saying is that any younger superstars who are currently working on a heel character, should look to these guys for inspiration.

Kevin Owens is another good example, however, he’s a veteran on the independent circuit, and has had years of experience working as a heel. I guess what I’m saying is that any younger superstars who are currently working on a heel character, should look to these guys for inspiration.

It’s interesting how quickly Jericho can win over fans or achieve major heat. When Jericho introduced a heel turn, this time around, it was in the form of a betrayal to AJ Styles, subsequently ending their tag team partnership as ‘Y2AJ’ and beginning a feud between the two.

The episode where it occurred seemed to leave many fans angry and disappointed with the angle, I remember seeing many of fans mouthing things such as ‘Why?, or what’s the point?’, especially considering the fact that their new tag team partnership was seemingly very popular with fans and the fact that it hadn’t lasted very long.

With all that being said, it was quickly forgotten, and the heel Jericho we all love to hate was introducing that new quote I mentioned earlier, and generally achieving greater and greater heat every week.

I think the key to Jericho’s success as a heel is confidence. He is simply not afraid to say anything to anyone, he even tells the crowd to shut up. His recent quote where he says ‘I give you the gift of Jericho, drink it in’ works especially well to this effect.

Keep doing what you do Jericho, face or heel, you’re a brilliant superstar.


‘The Gift Of Jericho Pose’

– Christian Reeve

RIP Nick Menza

Ok this year has completely sucked in terms of all the celebrities and musicians we have lost this year (Alan Rickman , Lemmy, Prince, David Bowie to name a few) and I woke up to the news today that Nick Menza (former drummer for Megadeth) had passed away.

Normally I have posted social media statuses with a little personal message regarding the aforementioned people, but this one was particularly personal for me. I remember the first time I ever listened to Megadeth. I was 11-12 years old and had just heard Linkin Park’s ‘Hybrid Theory’ album, I was so excited by this new sound and had never heard anything like it. This was the first time I had heard metal music, and I absolutely loved it.

Not long after I began raiding my mum’s cd collection, trying to find anything remotely similar, this is when I found classics such as Metallica’s ‘Black’ album & ‘And Justice For All’ , along with a Motorhead album, Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’ & ‘In Utero’ albums and the absolute legend ‘Jimi Hendrix’ with a compilation of his greatest hits.

I was so hooked on metal and rock and just wanted to find as much as I possibly could. The next possible opportunity I had I went to a HMV store and started scanning their ‘Metal’ section, I had no idea what to look for or what I wanted, I guess I just wanted something that looked cool, this is when I came across Megadeth’s ‘So Far…So Good…So What’ album and ‘Rust In Peace’. I loved the former, but the latter truly stood out for me. The cover stood out and it looked awesome!

Rust In Peace began my love affair with Megadeth, which has carried through with me straight into adulthood. Rust In Peace was a perfect album in every way, killer guitar riffs, awesome vocals and drumming that was so creative and technical, it was like nothing I had ever heard before. The drums weren’t just there to make everything loud and heavy, they existed to complement and often at times, outshined everything. This album was a masterclass in metal music, feeling often at times like the drums, guitars and bass were all competing with each other.

Gradually over the years, I collected all of Megadeth’s albums, but the standout albums for me were with Nick Menza on drums, his drumming for me, is one of the best things about listening to a Megadeth record. Just like many fans, I always wanted to see a reunion of the Rust In Peace era line up, though sadly this something we will never see.

I am very saddened to hear of this huge loss to the metal world and music world. My condolences go out to his family, his friends and his band members in Megadeth. Though this is a sad day, try to remember him in the best possible way, crank up Rust In Peace and blow yourself away, just like he did to us all those years ago.

RIP Nick Menza

– Christian Reeve

Grappler’s Choice #17: WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Predictions

With Extreme Rules right around the corner, I thought I would add my predictions for the upcoming PPV.

Dolph Ziggler vs Baron Corbin (No Disqualification Match)

If WWE consider taking Baron Corbin seriously and pushing him any further, he needs to win this match. Given that Ziggler pulled off a surprise roll-up victory at WWE Payback, I predict Extreme Rules will be Corbin’s night. I think this will be a very brutal match, and Corbin will come out of it looking unstoppable.

Winner: Baron Corbin

The Usos vs The Club (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson) (Tornado Tag Match)

The club should pick up the victory in this one. I think they will win and completely dominate in this match. This will be a sort of hint as to the outcome of the main event, however, I think it will contrast this match outcome (See AJ Styles vs Roman Reigns).

*I have a strange feeling that we might see the surprise debut of Finn Balor to assist The Club and help them pick up the victory*

Winners: The Club

Kalisto vs Rusev (with Lana) (United States Championship Match)

Rusev should pull off the win here, setting up a future rivalry with John Cena upon his return, I would say this is the most likely outcome. We’ve seen Kalisto win too many times, and simply put, the United States Championship needs a new champion in order to breathe some life into the division once again. I see Lana interfering in the match, costing Kalisto the match.

Winner: Rusev

The New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston & And/Or Xavier Woods) vs The VaudeVillains (Aiden English & Simon Gotch) (Tag Team Championship Match)

Considering Vince McMahon’s opinions on The VaudeVillains’ gimmick, together with, the very recent arrival of this team (they need more experience on the main roster), I see The New Day retaining the championships here. Enzo & Cass will win the gold most likely at Money In The Bank (providing that Enzo Amore recovers from injury).

I predict thereafter that The VaudeVillains will then defeat Enzo & Cass for the championships further down the line.

Winners: The New Day

Charlotte vs Natalya (Submission Match For the Women’s Championship)

As much as I’d love to see Natalya win, and as much as she deserves it right now, I can’t see it happening here. I think WWE want to stretch this as much as possible, I don’t think Charlotte will drop the title until at least Summerslam.

This will be a very close match, but I see Charlotte winning cleanly, leading to a subsequent storyline where she turns on her father – Ric Flair, owing to the fact that she doesn’t need him to interfere in order to win matches.

Winner: Charlotte

The Miz (With Maryse) vs Cesaro vs Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn (Match for The Intercontinental Championship)

This was incredibly close to call, but owing to personal interests on this match (I made a few bets aha :D) ,as well as, observing recent feuding and hints over the past 2-3 weeks, I think we will definitely see a new champion, and I think that man is going to be Sami Zayn.

Cesaro definitely deserves this win more than any of the four men, he needs it the most, but I don’t think WWE are gonna allow it this time around. I think WWE are keeping Kevin Owens free for ‘The Money In The Bank’ ladder match (I think he will win) so that rules him out, keeping The Miz as champion doesn’t achieve anything or serve any purpose, he’s a fantastic heel champion, but the division needs a new man holding the belt. This leaves us with Sami Zayn, who has yet to win a championship on the main roster. All of the three men have won mid card or main event championships, and I think out of the four men, Zayn needs this the most right now.

Winner: Sami Zayn

Dean Ambrose vs Chris Jericho (1st ever Asylum Match)

To give this match any credibility, Dean Ambrose has to win. This should be ‘his’ match, and should be synonymous with him, just like ‘Hell In A Cell’ is synonymous with The Undertaker. Therefore, picking up the win in this match should be a must.

Secondly, given the fact that Ambrose is getting a push recently (having largely been undefeated), it does not make sense for him to lose to Chris Jericho. Jericho should put him over and Ambrose should carry this forward, ideally getting put into the WWE championship picture. This should also be the final match between these two, effectively ending the feud.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

AJ Styles vs Roman Reigns (Extreme Rules Match for The WWE World Heavyweight Championship)

I think everyone in the WWE universe right now would love to see AJ Styles pull off the victory, but sadly, that isn’t going to happen.

WWE is firmly behind their ‘Guy’ – Roman Reigns, so any chance of Styles winning is out of the question. I would be stunned if the result were the opposite. In regards to what I said earlier with the tag team match involving The Club & The Usos, I think that The Club will cost AJ Styles the match and betray him. I think Finn Balor will join The Club and all three men will interfere toward the end of the match, attacking Styles and then leaving, allowing Reigns to pick up the victory.

This will allow Reigns to feud with Cena/Rollins or whoever for the WWE championship going forward, and will also create an AJ Styles vs The Club (with new leader ‘Finn Balor’) feud.

Winner: Roman Reigns

– Christian Reeve