My Poetry Ebooks & update

Hi guys, I just wanted to update you on my current situation and news regarding my current projects. First thing first, I graduated from university with a management with marketing degree, and here’s the proof…..


Here I am shaking the principal’s hand. I was very nervous, and his large hands didn’t help with that. It was a fun day and I felt very grateful, lucky and generally happy.

In other news, I have opted to make my poetry free for viewing and downloads in order to make my work accessible to everyone. I figured it would be better to make my work free and let people decide if they want to support it, rather than having to pay to read what may or may not be worth reading. I have posted the link further down in this blog.

If you like what I write and want to support me you can do so by donating via this link:

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– Christian Reeve


Weird Dreams

Unbeknown to me, I’ve been having weird dreams as of late.

I’ve been trying to think of interesting things to blog about that are (A) Interesting in some way and (B) actually worth reading about. It’s very easy to fall into a repetitive pattern of producing something for the purpose of entertainment, because you think other people will enjoy it, rather than simply doing it for yourself. Therefore, I thought I’d blog today about something we all share: dreams.

People seem to always attempt to find meanings in their dreams, and there are thousands of books and websites that discuss this topic, but I think that sometimes dreams are just there to give you some crazy, reimagined reality – where there are no rules, only the ones you set. Maybe it’s to counterbalance the feelings of restrictiveness we feel in our day-to-day lives.

With that in mind, I woke up from a dream this morning whereby I was at a party of some description. It was a very warm and cozy atmosphere, the kind of setting you would expect around the Christmas season. I was talking to party guests, whilst occasionally looking at various stands and platters of food that had been prepared and laid out around the room.

It was an impressive display, and I was admiring it for awhile until the catering staff at the party called me (by name) over to a door that presumably led to the kitchens and staff areas. Immediately I thought it was weird to be called over by name, I wondered how they knew my name. I also thought it strange that the party had catering staff. I had assumed that the food was prepared by chefs elsewhere and that they had not been there in person. I proceeded to follow the two men who had called me over to them.

I followed them through a wide, white corridor through to a staff staging area, I remember seeing people running around and preparing things, but my attention was predominately focused upon a gigantic wooden sled that was in the middle of the room. I was very confused at what was going on, and even more surprised when they told me to climb on top of it and ride it into the party room. They told me to ride it straight into the room and rest it under the main table in the room, without crashing or hurting anyone.

As tends to be the nature of my dreams (I’m not sure if this is the case for anyone else) the dream then cut to me being helped onto the sled (similar to how movies sometimes cut to a new scene, e.g. Star Wars). I started to ride it at a great speed, and could not understand how on earth I was able to control it, given that it was a huge sled, at least ten times the size of me! I burst through the doors of the main room and parked the sled right under the table. I had achieved it by some miracle, and it looked very cool!

I remember feeling elated in the dream, as though the moment was very cool to both experience and watch, but I also remember feeling a sense of accomplishment, as though proud that I had achieved what the staff had told me to do.

So there you go, that was my dream this morning. Let me know what you think!

Kind regards

– Christian Reeve


My new book! & and an update

Hi all!,

It’s been awhile so I decided to let you know what I’m doing now and where my focus will be from now on. I thoroughly enjoyed working for Give Me Sport as a Contributing Writer, together with, producing my own wrestling blog here ‘Grappler’s Choice’ however I found that I started to not enjoy doing any of it anymore as it took up a lot of time (bearing in mind you need to stay updated with everything going on in the wrestling world, which is a 24/7 industry!) and I found that I was not enjoying actually watching wrestling anymore, it became a chore and that’s when I knew I should probably call it a day.

It’s not a big deal and I know I didn’t have some huge following to disappoint, but all the same, if there were any fans of the blog or my Give Me Sport page, then I’m sorry. I’m keeping it all open, so I may take it on again in the future, but for now, I’m going to stop.

Aside from all that, this time has allowed me to focus on my personal life, my studies and working, but more importantly for me, it’s allowed me to continue with my poetry work, something I’m very passionate about.

So after a long time deliberating over the quality and general likeability of it, my third poetry ebook is now available online! I am very happy to get the ball rolling again on my poetry, and I have more to come in this area!

You can purchase my new ebook ‘Realisations’ here:

As for this blog, I’m not sure where to take it, there are many things I’m interested in writing about, but I’m not sure what I want to focus on. I will probably open this up more and make it open to all kinds of topics (not just wrestling aha!), and maybe that will make for an interesting read.

But in any case, if there is anyone that reads this blog and likes my work, let me know what you’d like to read about here.

Thanks again

All the best

– Christian Reeve

RIP Nick Menza

Ok this year has completely sucked in terms of all the celebrities and musicians we have lost this year (Alan Rickman , Lemmy, Prince, David Bowie to name a few) and I woke up to the news today that Nick Menza (former drummer for Megadeth) had passed away.

Normally I have posted social media statuses with a little personal message regarding the aforementioned people, but this one was particularly personal for me. I remember the first time I ever listened to Megadeth. I was 11-12 years old and had just heard Linkin Park’s ‘Hybrid Theory’ album, I was so excited by this new sound and had never heard anything like it. This was the first time I had heard metal music, and I absolutely loved it.

Not long after I began raiding my mum’s cd collection, trying to find anything remotely similar, this is when I found classics such as Metallica’s ‘Black’ album & ‘And Justice For All’ , along with a Motorhead album, Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’ & ‘In Utero’ albums and the absolute legend ‘Jimi Hendrix’ with a compilation of his greatest hits.

I was so hooked on metal and rock and just wanted to find as much as I possibly could. The next possible opportunity I had I went to a HMV store and started scanning their ‘Metal’ section, I had no idea what to look for or what I wanted, I guess I just wanted something that looked cool, this is when I came across Megadeth’s ‘So Far…So Good…So What’ album and ‘Rust In Peace’. I loved the former, but the latter truly stood out for me. The cover stood out and it looked awesome!

Rust In Peace began my love affair with Megadeth, which has carried through with me straight into adulthood. Rust In Peace was a perfect album in every way, killer guitar riffs, awesome vocals and drumming that was so creative and technical, it was like nothing I had ever heard before. The drums weren’t just there to make everything loud and heavy, they existed to complement and often at times, outshined everything. This album was a masterclass in metal music, feeling often at times like the drums, guitars and bass were all competing with each other.

Gradually over the years, I collected all of Megadeth’s albums, but the standout albums for me were with Nick Menza on drums, his drumming for me, is one of the best things about listening to a Megadeth record. Just like many fans, I always wanted to see a reunion of the Rust In Peace era line up, though sadly this something we will never see.

I am very saddened to hear of this huge loss to the metal world and music world. My condolences go out to his family, his friends and his band members in Megadeth. Though this is a sad day, try to remember him in the best possible way, crank up Rust In Peace and blow yourself away, just like he did to us all those years ago.

RIP Nick Menza

– Christian Reeve

‘Best For Business’

‘Best for Business’

‘Best for business’, these are the words you’ll hear the McMahons & Paul Levesque use to describe their actions during recent promos for WWE. Whilst these words are used to describe ‘Kayfabe’ decisions made by them, it is somewhat ironic considering their recent real life decisions which have left many fans, wrestlers and people in the wrestling community asking ‘why?’

Running any business, particularly the size and scale of WWE is going to be an arduous challenge, you cannot please everyone, especially considering the fact that fans have so much power in terms of influence in this particular industry. Add to that the complexity of hiding key booking decisions without any information being leaked, together with, the task of masking the industry’s secrets (such as upholding authenticity in the ring) and you can already observe a few surface issues that are very tough to handle.

However, if consumer demand is large enough for a particular thing, the business should respond accordingly – right? I am of course referring to WWE superstar ‘Roman Reigns’ in this case. It is very clear that the WWE is trying to ‘put him over’.

There is no reason why this man shouldn’t be put over in my opinion. His athletic ability is brilliant, he’s in great shape and has a bright future ahead of him. However, due to poor booking and poor writing from the WWE creative team, his character has really suffered. So much so that in the most recent episode of RAW where Roman returned to attack Triple H in retaliation, the crowd booed him the entire time.

This has been consistently occurring every time Roman has entered the ring ever since WWE began to push him, following the end of ‘The Shield’ storyline. The Royal Rumble this year was a fantastic indication of this considering the fact that Triple H is supposed to be ‘Heel’ as part of the current storyline, whereas Roman is supposed to be ‘Face’, Triple H came out and eliminated Roman – to which the WWE fans cheered.


Image source (

It isn’t Leati Joseph Anoaʻi’s fault either. He is simply the victim of poor booking and terrible storylines. One area he does need to improve however is his mic skills, as he is very weak in this area, and whilst the script he has been given on many occasions has been poor, he doesn’t deliver it very well. Interestingly enough though, when we consider the promos he was cutting in NXT, he made a fantastic heel and it appeared to come very naturally to him. Essentially, I am hoping that WWE will wake up, see some sense and book Roman as a heel!

If they want to make him the face of the company for the future that’s absolutely fine, but he cannot be forced over, fans are not stupid. This is especially true today considering how the internet has allowed us to know much more about the industry than we should. In my opinion, Roman should be booked as a heel and play up to the role as much as possible.

I think he should win at Wrestlemania by ‘screwing’ Triple H. The following Raw after Wrestlemania, Roman should cut a promo where he plays up to his new heel role, stating that he’s better than everyone (playing on his roman empire gimmick a bit more by claiming outlandish things in terms of his strength and might) and that no one is worthy of challenging him. At this point, depending on fitness, availability and any ideas for storylines that WWE may have, I think that either Brock Lesnar, Dean Ambrose or Seth Rollins (if he has recovered) should challenge him. The subsequent storyline should feature Roman repeatedly beating and screwing over whoever he faces.

This should build up for 2-3 months (perhaps shorter depending on how it is received by the fans), until a final showdown at a PPV. Roman should then drop the title cleanly to whoever he is feuding with, with no interference, no dirty tricks on his part or anything. The match should end with Roman shaking the hand of whoever wins. This would then pave the way for Roman to return to being a face. But this shouldn’t be rushed. After this he should take some time off and then return in another storyline, but this time WWE should let the crowd slowly warm to him.

This is just a small idea in terms of how they could potentially return Roman to face and then push him as the face of the company. But the key issue for WWE here is to listen and react to what the fans want. They need to do what’s ‘best for business’ and for the time being, book Roman as a heel. You never know, Leati might revel in this role and actually turn out to be a fantastic heel, but they definitely need to take this risk, because repeatedly pushing him as a face is not working at this point in time.

– Christian Reeve


Has The Internet Made Us Less Intelligent?

‘Has the Internet made us less intelligent?’

People have probably written endless blogs about this subject but I felt compelled to do so
as well. After seeing a majority of the stuff that most people seem to be interested in,
something was telling me to write about it, to give my opinion on it all.

Just think about this for a minute, the internet is a global network that allows us
access to information instantaneously for free. So we can learn about anything, nearly
anywhere in the world, at anytime. You could use this time to learn new skills, to improve
your knowledge of history, you could read amazing books and articles about fascinating discoveries in the world or incredible places to visit. We could use everyday to nurture our minds, to grow and to continue to learn.

Whilst I’m not saying that everyone does this, I am generalising in my next point. People seem to be uninterested in all of that for the most part. Instead people seem to read posts with ”pictures of people after they’ve just had sex”, or a ”complete top ten of your favourite hollywood celebrities that you didn’t know were secretly gay”, or perhaps everyone would like to understand more about ”65 times people had a new job and totally messed it up”, sure it might be mildly entertaining or funny but why is it that people seem to spend most of their time reading that sort of thing, compared with learning more about why we are here and what our purpose is?

I’d be a hypocrite if I said I didn’t like simplicity and hilarious articles that you find online, however, I do not spend all my time looking at them, and it really confuses me why people do.I will sound old saying this haha, but I remember when computers were essentially just typewriters with a screen. So to have come this far is absolutely incredible in such a short space of time. But we are capable of literally  anything, yet we hold ourselves back so much and essentially refuse to learn. Or perhaps we are disinterested.

At one point it occurred to me that maybe we just lack imagination, I mean I remember the first time I used google.I had no idea what to search, I needed to know what I wanted first, otherwise there was nowhere to start. And perhaps that’s the key, we need to know what we want to learn, what we each want to find out. But we need to strive for more, and understand that we are more than these little insignificant lives that we lead. Money, religion, power are all just distractions from the truth. It’s like that famous expression ”The truth shall set you free”.

Sorry, I guess this blog post did take on a somewhat more philosophical viewpoint.
Putting that aside for a minute, I guess I’m just saying that we should really utilise the internet to its full capacity, because it’s pretty much neverending in terms of its capacity and with regards to the amount of information it is constantly being updated with. Our focus should be more on learning, and not simply using it for our amusement.

Remember that we existed a long time before the invention of the internet, so let’s try to regain our intelligence. Let’s actually grow, and not simply exist.

– Christian Reeve

The Power Of Kindness

The Power Of Kindness

I took my girlfriend to London for Valentine’s Day and whilst there I began to ponder something about the universe and the power of kindness.

We were in a Chinese restaurant having some food and drinks, it was really nice, seriously if you happen to be in Leicester Square anytime soon, go to a Chinese restaurant In Chinatown, they’re so good!

At the end of the meal I tipped the staff for our meal and my girlfriend remarked that it was very generous, perhaps a little too generous. I didn’t think anything of it, perhaps it was too much, and perhaps it wasn’t. I’ve worked in restaurants before, people need the support, its tough work and it’s always nice to help people out if you can. Especially if you’re in the USA, seriously you have to tip waiters and waitresses out there, I couldn’t believe how little they earnt while I was out there.

Later on we bought some bits from a local store in Trafalgar Square and before we went in I noticed a homeless man sitting on a ledge just outside the store. He looked freezing and was trying to roll a cigarette but was shaking whilst doing so. When we left I grabbed all the change I had (around £2-3 I think) and approached him. I said hey and gave him the money, shook his hand and said goodbye. Again, I didn’t think anything of it, I could help him so I did. It feels good to help people, so people should always do it, because it’s so much nicer to make others feel good and good about themselves, it’s so much more rewarding than doing it solely for yourself.

Anyway, back to the point. As we started to head back home we decided to grab a hot chocolate and wait for our train and just sit and talk. Whilst I was ordering our drinks the gentleman who was serving us just turned around and said ‘’Hey, don’t worry about it, these are on the house’’. Neither of us could believe it, I was stunned. I asked him ‘’Are you sure?’’ and he said ‘Yes of course, I get to do this sometimes and I would like to’. I kept saying thank you and we went to sit down and enjoy the drinks. I didn’t get the gentleman’s name unfortunately, but I know that he is a manager at this Preta coffee shop in London Waterloo station. He had short brown hair and short beard. So if you see him, say hi!

In my mind, I wondered if all of these things were connected. Maybe the fact that I put good, positive action into the universe meant that it was returned to me? , I would say it was just coincidence, but I don’t believe in that. Everything happens for a reason. I guess what I’m saying is that it’s good to spread kindness, no matter how small or insignificant an act might seem, it might mean the world to the person receiving it.

Never underestimate the power of kindness. It doesn’t take much, but what it gives is truly something special. Kindness provides people with hope, with faith in themselves and in their own lives. If you are spread kindness, even if just momentarily, you are allowing your heart to truly open and for your soul to reach out.

Think back to a time when you felt low, and someone came by and did something for you, or did something to help you. How did it make you feel? , what did it make you think?

It’s always inspired me. Complete actions of selflessness, kindness for the sake of kindness is so innocent and pure, something that can’t be tainted or controlled, that cannot be poisoned or manipulated. It’s either there, or it isn’t. Truthfully, I believe everyone is capable of spreading kindness, no matter who they are, what they think or what they believe. Somewhere in their soul exists a part that is simply waiting to come out, and that part is kindness.

Whenever I spread kindness, it makes me feel good, of course it makes me feel good! and there’s nothing wrong with feeling good when you help someone. The important thing is to remember why you’re doing it, and not to do it for the wrong reasons. Remember that every time you spread kindness, you invite it into your life and into your heart. And when a time comes where you need help and you wish for it, it will come.

– Christian Reeve

The Line Between Good & Evil

‘The line between good & evil’

What if I told you that there was no difference between good and evil?
That you are just as capable of brutally mudering someone, as you are
of saving their life?

Maybe you’d say I was crazy, but I believe that in the same way we regard
genuis to be on the same spectrum as insanity, this is true of morality.

Everyone has their line, their ”limit”. We all would do anything for our loved
ones. It’s very easy to turn around and say something like ”capital punishment
is wrong, that person shouldn’t be killed just because they killed someone”, but
what if your mother or child were the victim?, how might you respond then?
Let’s say, that this happens. Someone close to you is killed at the hands of another
person, and let’s say that the perpretator is set free. You have been denied justice,
the victim is also denied justice for the crime. You could spend your life trying to
put the person back in prison, or campaigning to have them killed. Or maybe, just maybe
you might take things into your own hands.

I’m not suggesting people should do that, but I do understand passion and love.
The intensity of love, and the potential insanity of love.
The reason I use the aforementioned example is because I believe that we as humans
are incorrectly encouraged to believe that there is this clear distinction between
”good” and ”evil”. I mean, murder of an innocent person is wrong. But then again,
what if said person is a rapist?, or perhaps a pedophile?

Suddenly people’s opinions change, suddenly that ”innocent” person is no longer
innocent. People might say things like ” oh well they deserved it, look at what they did,
they don’t deserve to live”. It’s fascinating, because we live our lives by this code,
this understanding that some things are right, and some things are wrong.

So how do we decide what is ”right”?. We can believe what the church tells us, what the government tells us, what people around us tell us. But what if they’re all wrong?, what if they lied?

For me, I feel that we need to listen to our inner voice. What we believe. Forget what society tells you to do, forget about what people tell you is right or wrong.
You need to remember what your inner voice tells you. You do not live your life for others, you live it for you. You will love others around you, and you will give unto yourself to them. You will give everything to the people you love. But you still need to live your life your way. That to me is what’s ”right” or ”good”.
Anything less than that, simply is not.

That’s just what I believe.

– Christian Reeve


Think of your life as though it were a novel, one that is not published until you leave this world. Wouldn’t you want your story to be the greatest narrative ever told?
Wouldn’t you want to leave behind a legacy, and have people talking about your deeds for generations to come?

The way I see it, every day is a chance to add to that story.
Every success and triumph is celebrated, every mistake and failure is contemplated.
Perhaps they are cliffhangers that we establish for ourselves (will they or won’t they overcome these challenges?)

The more and more I think about where I am right now, as well as where I’ve been and what I’ve experienced, the more it pushes me to revel in now, to be excited about the future , but to only live in the present, in what’s happening right now, that’s all that matters.

– Christian Reeve