My Poetry Ebooks & update

Hi guys, I just wanted to update you on my current situation and news regarding my current projects. First thing first, I graduated from university with a management with marketing degree, and here’s the proof…..


Here I am shaking the principal’s hand. I was very nervous, and his large hands didn’t help with that. It was a fun day and I felt very grateful, lucky and generally happy.

In other news, I have opted to make my poetry free for viewing and downloads in order to make my work accessible to everyone. I figured it would be better to make my work free and let people decide if they want to support it, rather than having to pay to read what may or may not be worth reading. I have posted the link further down in this blog.

If you like what I write and want to support me you can do so by donating via this link:

Click here to download my Ebooks for free!: 

– Christian Reeve