Grappler’s Choice #16: Crowded Tag-Team Division?

With the recent and somewhat underwhelming debut of repackaged team ‘The Shining Stars’ (Formerly Los Matadores), Epico & Primo have rejoined what is now becoming a huge division within the WWE, but are they joining an overcrowded one?, one in which they are likely to disappear quickly?

Other recent additions have included ‘The Club’ (Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows), The Golden Truth (Goldust & R-Truth), the newly formed ‘Fandango & Tyler Breeze’, The VaudeVillains and Enzo & Cass, to name a few.

Too many teams?

Whilst it is very exciting to see so many teams in the division, one has to wonder how it will proceed going forward. Oversaturated is a word that comes to my mind, simply because, it is seemingly insane to have all these teams competing for one set of tag team titles, especially considering , even more teams will be set to make their main roster debuts from NXT (Current NXT Tag Team Champions ‘American Alpha’ for example – Chad Gable & Jason Jordan) in the near future.

Options going forward

From what I can see, there are only two options to solve this problem. Either: 1.You break up some of the teams, set up rivalries and feuds and generally reduce the size of the division or 2.WWE considers bringing back the Raw/Smackdown brand split, whereby two tag team championships may be introduced onto the roster.

This ,of course,  occurred before during the previous brand split, whereby Smackdown hosted the ‘WWE Tag Team Championship’, whilst Raw hosted the ‘World Tag Team Championships’ and whilst there was a clear difference between the two in terms of the fact that they were held on different ‘brands’, it wasn’t necessarily clear which one was more prestigious, considering the fact they were named differently but did not reflect their respective shows.

In this sense, if a brand split does occur again, I consider that WWE should introduce a ”WWE Raw Tag Team Championship’ & a ‘WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship’, thereby making a differentiation between the two and making it clear that there is no difference in terms of prestige.

Raw vs Smackdown PPV?

In addition, on a totally unrelated note, I think that if WWE brings back a brand split, they should consider introducing a ‘Raw vs Smackdown’ PPV, in which champions from both shows face off against eachother, to determine which show is better.

I guess I am still living in a fantasy booking world, but with all the speculations and rumours of a brand split once again, it does bring forward some very exciting implications and potential eventualities that may come intro fruition.

Fundamentally however, the tag team division needs to be changed in some way in order to accomodate the sheer number of teams.

The current champions

I guess that there is a potential third option which could be; an increase in title defenses and changes, however each set of champions need to reign for awhile to establish some sort of a following and get over with the crowd. If you have month reigns and then push the next tag team, it simply becomes too reptitive.

However, the current situation with The New Day reigning for this extended period has led to them achieving much more unenthusiastic crowd responses, which may be due to the fact that the fans want to see something different, instead of the same promos and the same winners each week.

I love The New Day gimmick, don’t get me wrong, but everything has its day, and in wrestling you have to keep reinventing yourself, and keeping yourself relevant. Even a change in attire can achieve you further interest with the fans, as they often will speculate behind the change, arguing that it may signal a push or an upcoming change in the character (e.g. a heel turn).

– Christian Reeve


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