Grappler’s Choice #12: Fantasy Tag Team

Give Me Sport

Ok so just a quick plug here, but recently I applied to ‘Give Me Sport’ to become an article writer and was successful!. I haven’t been focusing on this blog much due to this and revision for upcoming exams at university. But anyway, if anyone is interested in reading my articles you can find them here –

Ok so now that’s out of the way, I wanted to discuss this fantasy tag team idea that I have which I think is highly unlikely to occur, but would be absolutely awesome to see in the WWE.

Baron Corbin & Bray Wyatt Tag Team – Why should it happen?

I think that WWE should create a tag team out of Baron Corbin & Bray Wyatt. Considering the recent rumours that the Wyatt family stable is likely to disband in the near future, it would interesting to see how he could work with Baron Corbin. Though both men have yet to cross paths, there are similarities in terms of how mysterious both competitors are, as well as, the positive crowd reactions they both receive.

Considering the recent injuries that Bray Wyatt has faced, tag team action might be a good option for him in the recovery process. It’s not necessarily too demanding (depending on who they face and the nature of the matches) and would allow the fans to see something new, fresh and exciting.

It would help to elevate Corbin, both men could potentially get a tag team championship under their belts, and it would provide the WWE with more time to plan the futures storylines and pushes for both men.

Perhaps I am living in a fantasy world, but this one seems much more enticing in comparison with some of the storylines we have seen over the past two years. However with that being said, I cannot deny that I’m extremely excited to see WWE Payback; even more than I was to see WrestleMania!

WWE has created some fantastic matches and storylines recently, leaving many fans with hundreds of questions and that’s exactly what we need. We need unpredictability and compelling storylines.

And on that note, I believe this fantasy tag team should be one to seriously consider.

– Christian Reeve


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