Grappler’s Choice #11: Shane McMahon Vs The Authority

WWESince Wrestlemania 32 Shane McMahon has been in control of Monday Night Raw. In a decision made by Vince McMahon which essentially dismissed the earlier stipulation made in the ‘Hell In A Cell’ match that Shane McMahon would only gain control if he beat the Undertaker, WWE appears to have ignored this stipulation, opting to give Shane O Mac control regardless.

This has led to rumours speculating that The Authority is likely to return to the WWE and challenge Shane’s claim to authority. Considering the fact that Triple H has returned to in-ring competition on the European tour, some sources are claiming that this may lead to a challenge from Triple H to Shane McMahon. In any case, the following are two scenarios that might occur if we are to see a return from The Authority.

Potential Scenarios

  1. Shane McMahon Vs Triple H: Shane’s match at Wrestlemania 32 demonstrated to fans and superstars alike that he is still ready and able to compete in matches. Triple H likewise returned at The Royal Rumble, won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and proceeded to retain it until his eventual loss at Wrestlemania. Therefore, we might see a ‘one on one’ match for control of the company between these two. This would likely culminate in a showdown at Summerslam.
  1. Classic Survivor Series Match: This would also serve as a means of deciding who gets full control of Monday Night Raw, whilst also creating a classic Survivor Series elimination match. We’ve seen this style of match before back in 2001 with the invasion storyline, or in more recently in 2014 with ‘Team Cena’ vs ‘The Authority’. This option would mean that the storyline would take need to be much longer, however this power struggle over the course of the year could provide some exciting entertainment for WWE fans. Given how exciting recent WWE Raw events have been, this storyline could serve as a means of providing fans with more a creative, dynamic main storyline, whilst also serving as a means of quietly removing The Authority angle, which has had many fans scratching their heads in regards to how long the storyline has lasted.

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