Grappler’s Choice #9: WWE Payback Predictions

*This was an unsuccessful post that I submitted to ‘Give Me Sport’ in the hopes of becoming a writer for them. I thought it would be good to post it anyway and see what everyone thinks of the upcoming PPV. And who knows, maybe I will be successful in the future!*

Payback, an aptly named title for our follow-up PPV to Wrestlemania. Things have been anything but calm since the ‘showcase of the immortals’. Shane O Mac has been running Raw and booking fantastic matches left, right and centre. Thanks to Shane we had the joy of watching a weekly tag team tournament, with the winners getting a chance at championship gold.

Enzo & Cass took the tag team division by storm when they made the leap to the main roster from NXT. Now they have an opportunity to face off with The New Day. Personally I think the winners of the tournament should have faced off against the tag champions at Payback, but this is most likely going to be saved for the next PPV. Enzo & Cass to win this one, they look like one of the most dominant and strong teams on the roster. Mic skills, power and charisma – they’ve got it all!

My winner for the Women’s Championship match is Charlotte. I’ve seen rumours online surfacing that indicate WWE might be pushing Sasha Banks to topple Charlotte at Summerslam. Natalya is a deserving champion and it would be great to see her win, especially considering the fact that Bret Hart will be at her corner for this match. However, I see Natalya being screwed out of the championship again (just like she did at Roadblock). Although this might be a good thing if we consider this prospect ‘Charlotte vs Natalya vs Sasha Banks’…..

Kevin Owens should come out on top for the match up against Sami Zayn. He’s already had a good run as Intercontinental champion and the WWE really needs more main-eventers, so he should keep winning. Owens is your man for this one. Going forward, I see Sami pushing for a mid-card championship at this point. Considering the fact that Jericho buried Styles at Wrestlemania (which made absolutely no sense by the way, especially since he’s facing Roman Reigns for the WWE championship now…), it would make more business sense for Ambrose to come out on top here, especially if WWE want him as one of their ‘top guys’. My gut feeling tells me Jericho will come out on top here though, I think we’re gonna see a long feud here.

What would this PPV be without some Payback? , I seriously think Zack Ryder should interrupt The Miz and cost him the championship to Cesaro. Cesaro doesn’t need the help at all, but this would create a brilliant feud between The Miz & Ryder, whilst also giving Cesaro the push he deserves. Cesaro to win this one though, regardless of potential interruptions.

And finally, our main event. Given the recent introduction of the ‘Bullet Club’, I really believe Styles could pull this one off. But given that Reigns is the WWE’s handpicked guy, I think this will be another chance to show how ‘strong’ he is, as he will most likely take out everyone. Reigns will come out on top here.


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