‘Best For Business’

‘Best for Business’

‘Best for business’, these are the words you’ll hear the McMahons & Paul Levesque use to describe their actions during recent promos for WWE. Whilst these words are used to describe ‘Kayfabe’ decisions made by them, it is somewhat ironic considering their recent real life decisions which have left many fans, wrestlers and people in the wrestling community asking ‘why?’

Running any business, particularly the size and scale of WWE is going to be an arduous challenge, you cannot please everyone, especially considering the fact that fans have so much power in terms of influence in this particular industry. Add to that the complexity of hiding key booking decisions without any information being leaked, together with, the task of masking the industry’s secrets (such as upholding authenticity in the ring) and you can already observe a few surface issues that are very tough to handle.

However, if consumer demand is large enough for a particular thing, the business should respond accordingly – right? I am of course referring to WWE superstar ‘Roman Reigns’ in this case. It is very clear that the WWE is trying to ‘put him over’.

There is no reason why this man shouldn’t be put over in my opinion. His athletic ability is brilliant, he’s in great shape and has a bright future ahead of him. However, due to poor booking and poor writing from the WWE creative team, his character has really suffered. So much so that in the most recent episode of RAW where Roman returned to attack Triple H in retaliation, the crowd booed him the entire time.

This has been consistently occurring every time Roman has entered the ring ever since WWE began to push him, following the end of ‘The Shield’ storyline. The Royal Rumble this year was a fantastic indication of this considering the fact that Triple H is supposed to be ‘Heel’ as part of the current storyline, whereas Roman is supposed to be ‘Face’, Triple H came out and eliminated Roman – to which the WWE fans cheered.


Image source (http://dailyddt.com/files/2015/10/Reigns2.jpg)

It isn’t Leati Joseph Anoaʻi’s fault either. He is simply the victim of poor booking and terrible storylines. One area he does need to improve however is his mic skills, as he is very weak in this area, and whilst the script he has been given on many occasions has been poor, he doesn’t deliver it very well. Interestingly enough though, when we consider the promos he was cutting in NXT, he made a fantastic heel and it appeared to come very naturally to him. Essentially, I am hoping that WWE will wake up, see some sense and book Roman as a heel!

If they want to make him the face of the company for the future that’s absolutely fine, but he cannot be forced over, fans are not stupid. This is especially true today considering how the internet has allowed us to know much more about the industry than we should. In my opinion, Roman should be booked as a heel and play up to the role as much as possible.

I think he should win at Wrestlemania by ‘screwing’ Triple H. The following Raw after Wrestlemania, Roman should cut a promo where he plays up to his new heel role, stating that he’s better than everyone (playing on his roman empire gimmick a bit more by claiming outlandish things in terms of his strength and might) and that no one is worthy of challenging him. At this point, depending on fitness, availability and any ideas for storylines that WWE may have, I think that either Brock Lesnar, Dean Ambrose or Seth Rollins (if he has recovered) should challenge him. The subsequent storyline should feature Roman repeatedly beating and screwing over whoever he faces.

This should build up for 2-3 months (perhaps shorter depending on how it is received by the fans), until a final showdown at a PPV. Roman should then drop the title cleanly to whoever he is feuding with, with no interference, no dirty tricks on his part or anything. The match should end with Roman shaking the hand of whoever wins. This would then pave the way for Roman to return to being a face. But this shouldn’t be rushed. After this he should take some time off and then return in another storyline, but this time WWE should let the crowd slowly warm to him.

This is just a small idea in terms of how they could potentially return Roman to face and then push him as the face of the company. But the key issue for WWE here is to listen and react to what the fans want. They need to do what’s ‘best for business’ and for the time being, book Roman as a heel. You never know, Leati might revel in this role and actually turn out to be a fantastic heel, but they definitely need to take this risk, because repeatedly pushing him as a face is not working at this point in time.

– Christian Reeve



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