Has The Internet Made Us Less Intelligent?

‘Has the Internet made us less intelligent?’

People have probably written endless blogs about this subject but I felt compelled to do so
as well. After seeing a majority of the stuff that most people seem to be interested in,
something was telling me to write about it, to give my opinion on it all.

Just think about this for a minute, the internet is a global network that allows us
access to information instantaneously for free. So we can learn about anything, nearly
anywhere in the world, at anytime. You could use this time to learn new skills, to improve
your knowledge of history, you could read amazing books and articles about fascinating discoveries in the world or incredible places to visit. We could use everyday to nurture our minds, to grow and to continue to learn.

Whilst I’m not saying that everyone does this, I am generalising in my next point. People seem to be uninterested in all of that for the most part. Instead people seem to read posts with ”pictures of people after they’ve just had sex”, or a ”complete top ten of your favourite hollywood celebrities that you didn’t know were secretly gay”, or perhaps everyone would like to understand more about ”65 times people had a new job and totally messed it up”, sure it might be mildly entertaining or funny but why is it that people seem to spend most of their time reading that sort of thing, compared with learning more about why we are here and what our purpose is?

I’d be a hypocrite if I said I didn’t like simplicity and hilarious articles that you find online, however, I do not spend all my time looking at them, and it really confuses me why people do.I will sound old saying this haha, but I remember when computers were essentially just typewriters with a screen. So to have come this far is absolutely incredible in such a short space of time. But we are capable of literally  anything, yet we hold ourselves back so much and essentially refuse to learn. Or perhaps we are disinterested.

At one point it occurred to me that maybe we just lack imagination, I mean I remember the first time I used google.I had no idea what to search, I needed to know what I wanted first, otherwise there was nowhere to start. And perhaps that’s the key, we need to know what we want to learn, what we each want to find out. But we need to strive for more, and understand that we are more than these little insignificant lives that we lead. Money, religion, power are all just distractions from the truth. It’s like that famous expression ”The truth shall set you free”.

Sorry, I guess this blog post did take on a somewhat more philosophical viewpoint.
Putting that aside for a minute, I guess I’m just saying that we should really utilise the internet to its full capacity, because it’s pretty much neverending in terms of its capacity and with regards to the amount of information it is constantly being updated with. Our focus should be more on learning, and not simply using it for our amusement.

Remember that we existed a long time before the invention of the internet, so let’s try to regain our intelligence. Let’s actually grow, and not simply exist.

– Christian Reeve


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