The Line Between Good & Evil

‘The line between good & evil’

What if I told you that there was no difference between good and evil?
That you are just as capable of brutally mudering someone, as you are
of saving their life?

Maybe you’d say I was crazy, but I believe that in the same way we regard
genuis to be on the same spectrum as insanity, this is true of morality.

Everyone has their line, their ”limit”. We all would do anything for our loved
ones. It’s very easy to turn around and say something like ”capital punishment
is wrong, that person shouldn’t be killed just because they killed someone”, but
what if your mother or child were the victim?, how might you respond then?
Let’s say, that this happens. Someone close to you is killed at the hands of another
person, and let’s say that the perpretator is set free. You have been denied justice,
the victim is also denied justice for the crime. You could spend your life trying to
put the person back in prison, or campaigning to have them killed. Or maybe, just maybe
you might take things into your own hands.

I’m not suggesting people should do that, but I do understand passion and love.
The intensity of love, and the potential insanity of love.
The reason I use the aforementioned example is because I believe that we as humans
are incorrectly encouraged to believe that there is this clear distinction between
”good” and ”evil”. I mean, murder of an innocent person is wrong. But then again,
what if said person is a rapist?, or perhaps a pedophile?

Suddenly people’s opinions change, suddenly that ”innocent” person is no longer
innocent. People might say things like ” oh well they deserved it, look at what they did,
they don’t deserve to live”. It’s fascinating, because we live our lives by this code,
this understanding that some things are right, and some things are wrong.

So how do we decide what is ”right”?. We can believe what the church tells us, what the government tells us, what people around us tell us. But what if they’re all wrong?, what if they lied?

For me, I feel that we need to listen to our inner voice. What we believe. Forget what society tells you to do, forget about what people tell you is right or wrong.
You need to remember what your inner voice tells you. You do not live your life for others, you live it for you. You will love others around you, and you will give unto yourself to them. You will give everything to the people you love. But you still need to live your life your way. That to me is what’s ”right” or ”good”.
Anything less than that, simply is not.

That’s just what I believe.

– Christian Reeve


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