Thoughts On The Bus

‘Thoughts On The Bus’

Too often we are distracted by the supposed “importance” of our lives that we forget consider that we are not important. We take our ourselves and our lives so seriously, when in actuality what we do is meaningless. What we learn and what we create is special, something to be treasured, something sacred. Everything else is superficial, created, borrowed and bought. It doesn’t inspire the heart or the soul, it simply takes away our energy, and restricts the soul.

The moon in the sky tonight is absolutely incredible, yet I can only see one other person on this bus with me who is actually looking in that direction. I cannot be certain that he was looking at the same thing , I can only hope. We appreciate the wrong things, we place our energy and love Into shallow, hollow concepts and things. Not every single thing. But anything you do in life that simply takes your energy and does not give something meaningful back to you is worthless, it is pointless.

– Christian Reeve


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