A Promise Is A Promise

”A Promise Is A Promise”

So in December 2014 I travelled to Prague in the Czech Republic to celebrate New Year’s Day with friends from uni. Whilst there we went to our friend’s family owned Indian restaurant. It’s called ‘Himalaya’ and it’s definitely worth going to if you’re in the capital. I believe they won the award for the best Indian restaurant or something along those lines? , oh and the poppadum’s were the best I’ve ever had!

Anyway, we’re enjoying our meal and there’s this gentleman sitting to the right hand side of the room. He hears us speaking English and was immediately intrigued. He came over and introduced himself and we had a little chat about things in general. The gentleman then tells us about how many languages he could speak and then went on to tell us about this website he was working on. He said it had something to do with reviewing beer and asked if we would check it out. I agreed and he wrote a quick note with the address for me.


Now, it’s taken me a long time for me to get around to doing it. I could give all manner of excuses, but in fairness university life does take up a heck of a lot of time, and we’re not the party animals everyone would have you think we are. When I think about how much I’ve spent in the library so far, I start to wonder if I should start giving that out as my home address…

Anyway, back on track. I figured since I have started this blog and appear to be keeping up with it (for once, I’ve literally set up about 5 blog accounts over the years and have never gotten around to posting frequently) now seemed like the perfect time to come through on that promise.

So here’s a little review of the gentleman’s blog. I hope you enjoy it!

Our gentleman friends’ name is ‘Eino’ and he comes from Finland. He opted to move to the Czech Republic in 2012 and has been reviewing all manner of beer types. I’ve gotta say, I’m so glad I finally checked it out, this blog is absolutely hilarious and really informative. Eino is very witty, giving his honest opinion on each type of beer.

In each post he provides us details on the alcohol content for each beer, an often humorous view on the imagery of the bottles, a comment on the taste of the beer and then he finishes it off with a quirky final remark. There are around 42 chapters so far, so forgive me I wasn’t able to go through everything in its entirety.

Eino has a tendency to go slightly off topic when he discusses each brand and tells us stories or interesting facts regarding the beer. For example in chapter 6 ‘You label me, I label you’ he explains that through doing a little research on google ‘Radegast’ is ”a god of war. How f****** metal is that?” and that the slogan of the brewery that produces it is ”Life is bitter: Thank God”.

I really like the way Eino writes his blog, he writes in a very sarcastic way, but you can see that he is very passionate about beer and it’s a real joy to read. And on a general point, he reviews beer – I mean come on! , how awesome is that?

When we go forward and see his most recent post ”Chapter 42: For Queen and country” it is clear that he has developed this blog substantially over time, with his humour and wit seeming effortless. Whilst reviewing a novelty beer that is marketed for the James Bond franchise he makes a hilarious comment regarding the taste, Eino writes ”Tastes like imperialism. We gonna talk about that more soon”.

Ok so maybe it’s just easy to make me laugh aha, but in all honesty I think Eino comes across as a very intelligent, well-read man who actually simplifies the way the blog is written in places in order to play up to a persona.

For me (if I am correct in stating that) it comes across really well and the whole thing just makes for a really fun read. Not to mention, it really makes me want to go and drink a beer – which is pretty much exactly the purpose of this blog, to appreciate the differences between beers and to establish the genuinely premium brands, whilst also highlighting truly terrible ones and encouraging drinkers to steer clear of them.

I feel that in many ways, whatever Eino’s purpose for this blog, be it for professional journalistic purposes, for informative reasoning (for himself and for others) or even just a fun hobby, he has a lot of passionate for this product and it’s always a joy to see that.

So on a closing note, I sincerely recommend that people read this blog if they wish to learn more about beer or even if they’re simply looking for a new, quirky blog that will provide an entertaining read. This is one to look out for. Keep up the good work Eino! Please check out Eino’s blog here – http://olutsiili.blogspot.co.uk/

– Christian Reeve


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