Time to shine

We spend so much time complaining about how things are, but doing little to change them. We worry everyday and we fear for the worst, but why?

Shouldn’t we live our lives by ‘what is’ instead of ‘what was’ or ‘what will be’? When I consider that I am twenty-two years old as I write this, I’m wondering to myself, I may have 40 more years to live, or may not live another day. If that were true, wouldn’t I be wasting precious time?

So I’ve decided, I’m going to leave complaints and fear behind. I’m going to leave behind everything that tries to hold me back and just focus on what is. It’s time to move forward, it’s time to take all those projects seriously. Everything that I said to myself ‘I’ll do that when I get the chance’, or ‘I’ll do that tomorrow’. Instead of tomorrow, I’m going to do them today. It’s time to shine.

– Christian Reeve


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